Leg orthotics

Improve your mobility with superior orthotics

Live the life the way you want. Take a tour of the variety of orthotic devices available to help you do it!

Wrist Orthotics

Transform your life

Experience all the benefits of the best orthotic devices. Our caring staff and comfortable environment allow you to freely browse and experiment with all we have to offer.

  • Arm orthotics
  • Elbow orthotics
  • Hand orthotics
  • Lower extremity
  • Clavicle orthotics
  • And much more

Don't live in pain from an injury or medical condition any longer!

Is your back bringing you to your knees?

There are many medical conditions and back problems that will keep you on the couch. Don't miss out on your life any more. Let our educated staff tell you what your options are for a change today!

  • Custom spinal orthotics
  • Back supports
  • Pre-fabricated models
  • Mediven compression stockings 
  • Custom compression stockings 

Your insurance may cover the cost! Schedule an appointment today!

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